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Increased Community Members by 1011%

Sales Confidence is a London based sales acceleration company for B2B SaaS companies. Newly launched in June 2017, its core vision is to help SaaS founders and sales professionals increase revenues through hiring, training, and coaching sales teams, using world sales techniques.

Sales Confidence has massive potential as it fitted perfectly in an empty market niche, but it needed a way to build and grow their community, both online and offline. Prior to Rock Mission, Sales Confidence had no formal marketing-driven member generation process, nor a platform that could help to attract, nurture and convert members across digital channels. The company relied mainly on events and social media. The results from these methods varied and was slow in growing a community.

Since working with Rock Mission in October 2017, Sales Confidence experienced some dramatic results across the board, with an amazing increase of community members that increased by 1011% within 4 months. Members included high quality candidates, including VPs of Sales and Head of Business Development profiles from well known SaaS companies, which in turn helped to affirm the credibility of the platform.

This had a positive effect when Sales Confidence decided to bring the community together for a conference. Premium tickets were purchased within the first few days of launch; growth hacking and a strong digital marketing strategy contributed much to the bottom line.

The Challenge

The founder, James Ski, had a keen sense of market need that led to initial traction and validation, fuelled by his extensive work experience in SaaS Sales. Prior to Rock Mission, he launched successful, albeit small events that resonated with his identified audience, who would attend to learn and network with credible sales leaders and professionals. However, the community was growing at a slow pace as they relied only on word of mouth, organic Linkedin postings and ad-hoc blog articles on the website.

Our Observations

In order to break out of stagnant growth, Rock Mission identified that the website needed to be redesigned first as it lacked proper structure, branding, and marketing strategy. We found that while the blog had good content, no one signed up to the newsletter (this was also due to the lack of proper designing of the website). While the redesign was ongoing, we tested our hypothesis that the blog articles were of good value for one would sign up to read them. Hence we gated the blog, and highlighted that in exchange for their emails, they would access these exclusive articles found nowhere else, and in addition, be notified about events that would feature sales focused speakers from well known SaaS companies.

A redesign of the sales confidence website, where we focused on getting sign ups to access the blog.

£0 Acquisition Campaign

Boosting signups and traffic

After gating the blog, we needed traffic to the site. We designed a £0 acquisition campaign leveraging James’ Linkedin contacts, as his network already consisted of his target market – people working in sales and SaaS. Using email, we encouraged and directed them to go on the site to sign up for exclusive articles and events. We knew events were key, since networking is fundamental to a salesperson’s career and growth. This alone increased sign ups by 30%, with traffic increasing by 2135% increase in traffic within 1 month.

Traffic took off in October 2017 with website redesign and marketing efforts


Through user feedback and experience

We knew we had to create something great for a market as picky as a salesperson’s community in SaaS. To really delight a member, we designed a questionnaire to find out more about them, and why they signed up with Sales Confidence. Using this information we were able to craft a more detailed strategy that would keep members interested such as building a more interesting list of speakers, launch events that encouraged networking, and the results tweaked the content writing to include more articles about sales techniques. This encouraged more visitors to return to the site, and by December we had a 320% increase in recurring visits.

Increase in Returning Visitors after tweaking content in response to feedback

Incredible Community Support & Growth

100% increase in member signups within 7 days of campaign

Still, we needed to further accelerate the growth of the community online. We leveraged two important characteristics of sales leaders – being passionate and relationship oriented individuals. Using email and social media, we announced the launch of an addictive contest where one could nominate, share and vote for their favourite salesperson of the year. The contest, which started on the 7th of February and ended on the 16th February drew an amazing response. Within 24 hours, 2,000 votes were casted to support their favourite nominee and by the end of the contest, the page received more than 33,000 hits. In fact, we garnered so much traffic that we had to increase the bandwidth of the site.

Screenshot of the surge in website traffic during the contest

Immediate Ticket Sales for Upcoming Conference

With now a large enough community and launched events successfully selling out twice in a row, Sales Confidence has ambitions to launch Europe’s largest SaaS sales conference in London within 6 months. We know that launching an event of this scale require resources and as Sales Confidence is still in its early stages, we needed to find out quickly if this event would take off before pouring time and effort into it. To do this, we use a technique called pretotyping. We announced the dates of this conference at an event, created an email and social media campaign to spread the word, and set up an eventbrite page to sell tickets. We also spent a small amount of money (£30) retargeting on Google and Facebook. Within 2 days, we sold 5 tickets and to date 50 tickets growing revenue by 25000%.


2135% Increase in Traffic within 1 month

1011% Increase in number of community members within 4 months

25000% Increase in revenue for conference ticket sales within 2 days.

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