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We can break down silos, plan and execute rapid experiments, innovate, and use data to design a growth strategy that any large enterprise can benefit from.

Types of Services Included

  • Training
  • Diagnosis/Health Check
  • Digital marketing Innovation
  • Outsource growth team
  • Launch new ventures

We help scale-ups and enterprises through bespoke growth hacking strategies. Discover a new way of getting the results you want through innovations in digital marketing, launching new ventures and teaming up with a growth team.

Why us?

You want innovation. We got it.

Web Design & Development

UX & UI Design

Crowdfunding Strategy & Execution

Social Media Advertising

Organic Social Media

Email Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Content, Copy & Storytelling

E-Commerce Optimisation

Demand Generation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Viral Marketing

Content Strategy and Distribution


Referral Machine Building

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Sales Confidence


Growth Training for Your Teams

We’ll teach you how to accelerate growth by focusing on what actually matters

We use the right tools to expand your growth hacking. We use tools from such fields such as behavioral psychology to identify consumer centric thinking. We use data driven experiments such as data and testing, creative marketing, tooling and experimentation to get you the results and data you need for a scientific approach to your growth hacking.

Diagnosis/Health Check

Fix your leaking sales funnel costing you valuable potential revenue

We help identify where enterprises who are leaking revenue by understanding their businesses, CRMs, workflows and systems. This could include running some tests or quick experiments to find out what is or isn’t resonating with users for instance, and based on that data, provide insights and improvements to optimize your sales funnels. We have a proven track record in providing key recommendations that have impacted the bottom-line with changes in product, user interfaces, work processes right down to the mindset of your team.

Digital Marketing Innovation

Whatever you thought about “best practices” could be wrong.

Established companies often hit a growth plateau and find it difficult to progress any further in terms of generating leads, users or sales. In many organisations, digital marketing strategies have stagnated while their product/service offerings have evolved. One of the many ways we help companies is by providing an external environment where we can safely craft new experiments, and test new ideas to learn about how to supercharge the business without affecting the current working model. This allows us to innovate and provide you with breakthrough strategies that you can then use to generate new leads and sales.

Launch New Ventures

Explore new territory and expand further.

We help our clients explore new channels to expand in, as well as new geographies and new customer segments. We even help our clients come up with brand new product categories that will excite their market. We make sure new ventures are a success by filling in the gaps that will help our clients fully capture market opportunities.

Here’s What They Say

“Rock Mission shared Coverly’s mission to make it easy for SME’s to buy business insurance. They helped us launch and smash our first year targets.”

J. Cartwright

MD of Coverly

“Rock Mission has smashed every single KPI, and delivered way beyond our expectations. More importantly, they have equipped us with a solid growth mindset we can now use to scale and grow the business.”

A. Norma

Head of Community at FarePilot

“Rock Mission really helped moved the needle on growth directly by significantly reducing the CPI. They were also great communicators and a team player, helping us to align values and targets across teams. We now know we are on the fastest growth path!”

F. Bovoli

COO at Emoticast Ltd

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