Startup Growth Marketing

Get a specific strategy tailored to your startup to increase users and revenue on time and on budget. Having helped several startups across several industries, we know exactly what it takes at every stage of its lifecycle from fundraising to acquisition.

Types of Services Included

  • From an Idea to 100 Customers
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Customer Retention
  • B2C Customer Acquisition
  • Revenue Growth

Our running strategy is experimentation driven, so we can understand what does and doesn’t work, while utilising several tools and skillsets to deliver results fast. Having worked with countless startups, we can create and execute a strategy specific to your needs that can maximise your return on investment.

All The Skills You Require In One Place

Even the best acquisition strategy will fail if you don’t have a good team to execute and implement it at speed. Our in-house team is fully capable with multiple skillsets to craft, develop, design and market the growth strategies we create.

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Web Design & Development

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UX & UI Design

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Crowdfunding Strategy & Execution

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Social Media Advertising

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Organic Social Media

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Email Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Content, Copy & Storytelling

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E-Commerce Optimisation

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Demand Generation

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Viral Marketing

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Content Strategy and Distribution

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Referral Machine Building

Here Are Some Startups We’ve Worked With



Sales Confidence


From Idea to 100 Customers

Find Product Market Fit

Need to attain product market fit? We can help you acquire your first 100 customers by reaching your target demographic, then engaging with them to convert leads into sales. With our expertise of acquiring potential customers through multiple channels, we can help acquire the first 100 customers.

B2B Lead Generation

Get More Qualified Leads

It’s inevitable that startups or even large enterprises get stuck on getting new leads. We can help your startups grow faster using a series of experiments to find out what resonates with your target audience, or by leveraging your current database (if any). Using a range of channels and creative solutions, we then devise a strategy that can help you generate more business leads at scale, so you don’t have to spend more money on things that don’t work.

Customer Retention

Create a Customer Centric Strategy

Retaining users and customers require careful research, strategy and planning. Through an indepth research process that can include internal workshops and digital tools, we’ll work with you to create and strategise a plan to increase your customer lifetime value or retain your most valuable users. Start figuring out what your leaking buckets are, and your users really care about and build a long term strategy to reduce churn.

Revenue Growth

Focus on building a powerful sales engine

We know you need to hit revenue targets, simple as that. Our growth hacking techniques will rapidly identify what works and what doesn’t so we can maximise the chances of converting every engagement to sales.

Here’s What They Say

“Rock Mission shared Coverly’s mission to make it easy for SME’s to buy business insurance. They helped us launch and smash our first year targets.”

J. Cartwright

MD of Coverly

“Rock Mission has smashed every single KPI, and delivered way beyond our expectations. More importantly, they have equipped us with a solid growth mindset we can now use to scale and grow the business.”

A. Norma

Head of Community at FarePilot

“Rock Mission really helped moved the needle on growth directly by significantly reducing the CPI. They were also great communicators and a team player, helping us to align values and targets across teams. We now know we are on the fastest growth path!”

F. Bovoli

COO at Emoticast Ltd

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