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Bottomless Brunch

Written by Michele / March 17, 2020



Bottomless Brunch is not a client of ours, it’s our brainchild. We identified an opportunity in a specific niche in the market and we decided to use our expertise across product and growth to conquer it.


We wanted Bottomless Brunch to become the go-to place to find the best boozy brunches in London first, then in the UK. 


The Bottomless Brunch booking platform allows keen brunchers to quickly and easily discover the best places in the city to have beautifully poached eggs, bottomless prosecco and a good time with their friends.


Our goal was to establish our presence in the market, raise awareness of the booking service, and to solidify it’s spot as the best website to go to when wanting to discover and book the best bottomless brunch experiences in London.




For consumers discovering and booking bottomless brunches was a really painful experience. They had to rely on generic platforms or blog posts, and then book them on the restaurants’ websites. There was huge potential to make that experience 100x better.


Well established restaurant booking platforms such as Bookatable or DesignMyNight hold key stakes in the brunch booking market already and have huge budgets to play around with in comparison to Bottomless Brunch. 


We needed to position Bottomless Brunch as the experts in brunching – they don’t just let any old restaurant that offers bottomless brunch onto the booking site, the team goes and samples every restaurant first and selects only the best of the best – meaning they can guarantee a quality level of food, drink and overall experience their competitors can’t. 




Identified the niche, it was all about coming up with a strategy to conquer it. In a matter of weeks, we built a product from scratch that would make the discovery and the booking for brunches much better. We then started approaching restaurants with a multichannel strategy (including email marketing and outreach on social media).


We then acquired the first 20 restaurants and came up with a content strategy that would help position Bottomless Brunch as the experts in brunching also from the consumer perspective. 


Where we couldn’t match the big competitors with advertising budgets – we could use our SEO expertise to ensure that our blog posts and general site content were ranking on top of search results for the highest-converting keywords.


We teamed up with a range of food bloggers, micro and macro influencers and arranged for them to brunch in some of our favourite restaurants, providing us with exposure to their networks and also high-quality content for the Bottomless Brunch feeds and website. 


We developed an organic social strategy based upon elevating UGC posts from people who dined out and tagged themselves having brunch at our exclusive partner restaurants. We focussed on content that showed off the experiences at the restaurants, with a healthy dose of food-porn and delicious drink posts thrown in for good measure – a recipe for success on Instagram in particular. 


We implemented a pop-up on the website, where when you subscribe to the Bottomless Brunch mailing list you’re automatically entered into a monthly draw to win a free brunch for 3 people at whichever of our restaurant partners you choose. 


Finally, alongside the mailing list competition, we ran the same competition on Instagram. To enter, people had to like the competition posts, follow the Bottomless Brunch Instagram account and tag their favourite brunch restaurant as a comment. As well as increasing our engagement and follower base of brunchers themselves, having the brunch restaurants tagged in the comments helped us to attract more restaurant partners to the platform. 




The best of our keyword specific blog posts ranked on top for their searches such as “Bottomless Brunch Clapham” or “Bottomless Brunch Shoreditch“, and we ended up on page 1 on Google for several queries, including “Bottomless Brunch London”, “Bottomless Brunches”, “Best Bottomless Brunch” and many others in a matter of weeks. Our traffic hit 100 visitors per day before the end of the first quarter and 500 visitors per day before the end of the third quarter.

All of this 100% organically, without any paid advertising activity.


The content from bloggers and influencers helped to grow awareness of the Bottomless Brunch platform amongst their food-loving audiences and helped to grow our organic following on Instagram. 


The competition pop up has gathered thousands of email subscribers, hitting an incredible conversion rate close to 9%. 


The Instagram competition saw c.500 entries and alongside our ongoing organic social channel strategy helped to drive the Bottomless Brunch following up to almost 4,000. 


Finally – any good recent results you have access to would be great to include here.  



Some you could potentially include: