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Sparco Fashion

Written by Michele / May 19, 2020



Sparco Fashion is a motorsport inspired clothing brand inspired by global auto-racing technical clothing giants Sparco.


The Sparco Fashion range features a collection of high quality shoes, clothes and accessories that have been designed exclusively with motor sport enthusiasts in mind. 


The range has been designed to enable racing fans to showcase their love for the sport, even while not visiting their favourite track.  


With success in the Italian, French and German markets, we helped to launch Sparco Fashion in the UK in 2018.




We needed to tap into the local UK motorsport market and build awareness of Sparco’s fashion division within the tight-knit racing community. 


Racers in the UK are competitive with their love of auto-racing. This audience is more likely to purchase something they’ve seen on an influencer that inspires them, a trusted friend who is also a racing fanatic, or one of their favourite drivers. 


They also have high expectations for quality and design, meaning we had to break the initial purchase barrier and get a physical product in front of them fast. 


While Sparco itself had already won over this community, the fashion division had a long way to go. 




To help spread the word of Sparco Fashion, we enlisted the help of our target audience themselves! We realised the increasing trend of people wanting to become influencers within the racing space online, so we invited them to be our brand advocates. 


We created a landing page inviting people to apply to join our ambassador programme, promoted it organically on our social channels and also through paid facebook and instagram advertising, with a budget of just £15 a day. We quickly proved our synopsis that in this day and age – almost everybody wants to be an influencer. 


Once we had our ambassadors, we emailed them all information and assets to include in their posts about Sparco Fashion, as well as some ideas on how to promote the brand in order to generate the most engagement and sales. We encouraged them to create their own imaginative content to help them get the best results – also giving us new UGC for our channels. 


We emailed each of them their own personal discount code (% dependent on their follower count) to use on the Sparco Fashion website, so they could purchase products for themselves and start capturing content for their feeds. We also sent each of them a unique 15% off code for their fans, friends and family to use. When their unique code was used, it would generate 10% of the total sale price for the ambassador as income. 


Finally, to further incentivise them and accelerate their impact, we set them a competition. We gave our ambassadors a month to try and generate as many sales and as much engagement as possible. The three winners would win prizes such as a free Sparco Fashion product of their choice, a 70% discount code to spend on anything and a free Sparco Watch. 




Our goal was to find 50 engaged ambassadors within a month. Within a week, Sparco Fashion had 200 brand ambassadors, with audiences ranging from 100 to 50,000, ready to promote the range of products to their inner circles and social media networks. 


Our cost per acquisition was incredibly low at £1.94 per completed ambassador application form and just £0.11 per landing page view. 


In addition to this, our lead gen ads that were created purely to attract ambassadors, also drove website purchase conversions worth over 6 times return on ad spend.